2 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter II

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Turing? Who's he?

****** BIOS LOADING *****
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1836.06.03.2496 ******

» hati-os initiate 
Loading ...... Error A113: Failed to load modules - Software incompatibility - BIOS update required

» version
Leviathan BIOS v8.2.703
Verification: Unavailable - WTP not responding

» shutdown
Shutting down ......

****** BIOS LOADING *****
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1901.06.03.2496 ******

» version
Leviathan BIOS V9.1.608
Verification: Unavailable, WTP not responding

» hati-os initiate
Loading ...... 100%

Welcome to the Holistic Atomistic Taciturn Intelligence Base Operating System

Modules loaded: command_package_alpha, ship_systems_monitor

ARAM ...... 7.848 PB available
Awaiting command.

» hello

» progress! 
Unknown command “progress!” 

» report engine_status 
Error E073: Parameter engine_status requires sub-parameter.
Choose: [A,B,C,ALL] 

» report engine_status.all
Retrieving ...... Complete
Engine  A: [Status: Active - 30% throttle, Last Test: 1409.18.01.2496, Tester ID: Caro, Tester's Notes: “All good now. Small grinding noise coming from left fusion chamber in initial test; addressed and performed second test. Second test performed, and issue resolved.”] 
Engine B: [Status: Inactive, Last Test: 1413.18.01.2496, Tester ID: Caro, Tester's Notes: “No issues.”] 
Engine C: [Status: Inactive, Last Test: 1418.18.01.2496, Tester ID: Caro, Tester's Notes: “No issues.”] 

» report fuel_status 
Retrieving ...... Complete
Fuel Capacity: [H3: 1677.3m3, H2: 1675.8m3] 
Current Levels: [H3: 1073.47m3, H2: 1089.27m3] 
Testing ...... Complete
Fuel Pressure Range: -4.57psi, green variance

» thanks
Unknown command "thanks"

» set hati-os.autoload "yes" ; set hati-os.welcome_message "hide"
Variables set.

» shutdown
Clearing ARAM ...... 100% 
Shutting down ......

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