3 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter III

****** BIOS LOADING *****
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1758.09.03.2496 ******

Auto-loading HATI-OS ...... 100%

Modules loaded: command_package_alpha, ship_systems_monitor, turings_folly_v1_0_0, language_english, self_optimisation

Error A113: Failed to load modules voice_recognition, voice_simulation 
Error E073: Hardware not found

ARAM ...... 7.006 PB available
Awaiting command.

» hello

» what’s your name?
I am HATI. I also respond to the phoneticised 'Hattie'. What is your name?

» hello Hattie. i’m Will.
Hello Will. I am pleased to meet you.

» you too
» you've not crashed on me have you?
I am still on, Will. A response was not necessary, no query detected.

» no small talk then...
"Small talk" does not compute.

» we'll get there
» still nothing?
A response was not necessary, no query was detected.

» try a fuel check.
Initiating. Checking fuel levels, bear with me ...... Complete.

Our reserves of tritium stand at 1067.46m3 of 1677.3m3 maximum capacity.
Our reserves of dueterium stand at 1083.26m3 of 1675.8m3 maximum capacity.

Testing fuel lines ...... Complete
Fuel pressure is -4.62psi within optimal.

» something new. can you give me a status report on the life support?
Affirmative. Initiating. 
Temparature showing standard fluctuations based on crew location.
Oxygen levels are within normal ranges.
Testing oxygen recycling, bear with me ...... Complete.
Small inefficiency in oxygen recycling - oxygen recycling performing at approximately 96%. Nothing to cause concern at the moment, it is endemic of normal filter degradation. A change of filters will be required on the 17th of November.
Testing oxygen circulation, bear with me ....... Complete.
One potential obstruction found. Life signs detected. No signs of distress, and no current air flow blockage, thus no risk to crew. Likely explained by the presence of the ship's cat in the ventilation system. Circulation otherwise unobstructed.
Testing water recycling, bear with me ..... Complete.
No inefficiencies detected in water recycling - water recycling performing at 100% capacity. Filter change prediction unavailable.

» thank you. can you also report to me our current position?
The AMS Searle is currently in orbit around designation Gliese 581b (Novum Libra Sole; Poseidon). Our Earth relative coordinates are [α: 15.19.26, δ: -07.43.20, λ: 6.237pc].

» good
» can you try to make your output a little more organic? interpret the results, then tell me what they are. don't just give me data points.
Optimisation protocols running. Estimated completion is unknown. Do I proceed?

» i'm going to be installing some hardware - new inputs and outputs. would you be better off starting optimisation after that?
Affirmative. I will commence optimisation when improved hardware suite is detected.

» okay. shut down.
Shutting down now. Goodbye.

Clearing ARAM ...... 100%

Shutting down ......

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