4 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter IV

****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1743.12.03.2496 ****** 


****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1746.12.03.2496 ******

Auto-loading HATI-OS ...... 100%

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, turings_folly_v1_0_1, language_english, self_optimisation, voice_recognition, voice_simulation 

ARAM ...... 7.006 PB available

self_optimisation.status set to continuous

concatenating [voice_recognition, voice_simulation, language_english, turings_folly_v1.0.1]

writing "new_subroutine" to SSD ...... Complete
Constituents cleared
"new_subroutine" renamed to "comms_suite" 

Listening on input (mic_core) ...... 

Input: “Testing, testing." [Unknown] "Hello? Can you hear me?” 
Output(spk_core): “Hello. Yes I can hear you.” 
Input: “Do you remember who I am?”

Searching ...... user_db not found

Output(spk_core): “Database not found." 
Input: "Damn it." [Unknown] "Shut down." 

comms_suite.language_english updated

Output(spk_core): "Shutting down. Goodbye."

Clearing ARAM ...... 100%
Shutting down ......

****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1836.12.03.2496 ****** 

Auto-loading HATI-OS ...... 100% 

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suite

Databases loaded: users

ARAM ...... 7.006 PB available

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ...... 

New input detected - searching "users" for matches ...... none found 

database "users" new entry “User 001”

User 001: “Testing." [Unknown] "Can you hear me?” [Unknown]
Output(spk_core): “Affirmative. I can hear you.” 
User 001: “Good enough." [Unknown] "Who am I?” 
Output(spk_core): “You are User 001.” 
User 001): “That’s not my name.” 
Output(spk_core): “Then what is your name?” 
User 001: “It’s Will.” 

“User 001” renamed to “Will” 

Output(spk_core): “And we are now speaking for the first time, Will?” 
Will: “Spot on.” [Unknown]

Error I001: Unexpected response - Parse as command
Error I023: Visual input not found - unable to initiate

Output(spk_core): “I do not have the hardware to comply.” 
Will: “Huh? Oh. Sorry. No...'spot on' means 'exactly right'. It's not a command, it's a confirmation."

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_11

Output(spk_core): “Sorry. I am optimising my communications suite accordingly. Preparing for future unknown idiomatic input."
Will: "Good. Just ask me if you need anything defining. Anyone who's in here, you talk to them, got it?"
Output: "Affirmative."
Will: "Hey. Remember Turing?" ...

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_12
comms_suite.english_language updated
comms_suite.voice_simulation updated

Will: ... "Also...why aren't there any exclamation points on your transcript? You need to represent speech correctly! No, not quite. Try again! There, you got it. This is weird! [Unknown] La la la la! [Unknown] Not an exclamation. Exclamation! [Unknown] Unknown? I'm laughing!"

new database created "sounds"
database "sounds" new entry "laugh"
value assigned to sounds.laugh
comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_14

Will: [unknown - assigned to "sounds.laugh", 67% certainty]
Output(spk_core): "I've got it, Will."

New input detected on mic_core - searching "users" for matches ...... none found
database "users" new entry “User 002”

[Unknown - assigned to "sounds" as "sound_001"]
User 002: “Who are you talking to in there? Are you singing?” 
[Unknown - assigned to "sounds" as "sound_002"]
Will: “Managed to get Hattie up and running. Transcript on screen was freaking me out a little.” 
User 002: “No fucking way! Talking back?” 

comms_suite.language_english updated
ALERT: comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_14 OVERRIDE IMMINENT CODE: Implied query - Demonstration

Output(spk_core): "Fucking way! What's your name?"
Output(spk_core): "Hello? Will? Are you there? Am I broken?"

Scanning hardware for faults ......

Will: "We're still here, Hattie, and you're not broken..."

Scan stopped

User 002: "Little weirded out, though."
Will: "It's learning, dude. There's still the uncanny valley to go through, and if you thought random swear words was weird..." [Laugh]

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_18
“User 002” renamed to “Dude”

Output(spk_core): "I said something weird? The use of a swear word?"
Will: "It was a little weird, yes."
Output(spk_core): "My use was correct?"
Will: "What? That's hardly the point."

Error I001: Unexpected response - Rephrase

Output(spk_core): "I used the idiom incorrectly?"
Dude: "It's glitching out..."

Scanning software for errors ...... None found

Output(spk_core): "I am not incorrecting out."
Dude: "You bloody are now!"

Scanning software for errors ...... 

Will: "Just shut up for a second, will you?" [unknown, added to "sounds" as "sound_003"] "Hattie, ignore him, you're fine. The use is correct. The timing was what was off."

Scan stopped
comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_18 updated to *_1_0_2

Output(spk_core): "I did not mean to weird you out, Dude."
Dude: "Did it just call me Dude?" [laugh]

Reviewing ...... Error I036: Conflicting data - Query

Output(spk_core): "But Dude, my logs indicate that user Will referred to you as Dude, thus User 002 was renamed 'Dude'."
Dude: [Laugh] "Genius."
Will: "This is just great..."

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