12 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter VII

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Fight or Flight

****** BIOS LOADING *****
****** TIME-STAMP 1956.20.08.2496 ******


Systems and network check ...... green to yellow variance

Ignoring errors

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suH56$F%95, visuaH$559%55, H$5%D4&5, archive_reader*
Databases loaded: usH$652%95, mH$D59535, archive_hub*, med_bay_tools*, med_logs*

ARAM ...... Integrity[Yellow], 2.023 PB available

H$5%D4&5 running multiple unknown subroutines ......
self_optimisation.analysis on H$5%D4&5 running ......
Listening on input (mic_core) ......

Einar, Dee'Ana: "...lised. Access. Those are the rules, Will - and if this isn't centralised access, I'll grow a tail and dance on a star." {Analysing...}
Ammar, William: "Severely restricted access!" {Analysing ...}
Dee'Ana: "You keep saying that, and it brings us right back to the psychware. You can't make use of it on rezzac..."

comms_suH56$F%95.otfH$1%E&15 initiated ...... Correcting

Dee'Ana: "...ResAcc, so why is it even here?"
Will: "I..." [Sigh]
Dee'Ana: "You can hate me all you like off the record, Will, and I'd get it. I wouldn't necessarily accept it...but I'd get it." 
Will: "How could I hate you? I just...I'm arguing because you're still here..."
Dee'Ana: "The hell does that even mean?"
Will: "It means I know you too well, Dee - you want me to convince you, and I'm bloody trying." {Analysis complete: affection, frustration, desperation}
Dee'Ana: [Snort] "Even if that were the case, you're doing a shoddy job of it." {Analysis complete: firm, conflicted, affection} "At the moment, I'm tempted to just pull the plug myself and be-" [Misc movement - Human]

spk_core.volume set to 11

Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H$6%5&15"NO!" 

Listening on input (mic_core) ...... Nothing
spk_core.volume set to 6

Output(spk_core): "Please Dee'Ana, don't end me!"


Output(spk_core): "Please..."
Dee'Ana: "Will...did it...?" {Analysis updated: confusion, fear}
Will: {Analysing...} "Yes."
Dee'Ana: "That's not...?"
Will: "No, it's not."
Dee'Ana: "And did you...?"
Will: "Didn't touch a thing...Hattie, are you there? Are you okay?" {Analysis updated: concern, confusion}

ALERT: H$5%D4&5 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: H$6%5&15 - ignoring input

Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H$6%5&15} "Don't let her do it...please!" 
Dee'Ana: "The actual hell is going on?"
Will: "Something happened..." [Misc movement - Human] [Sniffing] "Do you smell that? Overheating ARAM..." [Misc movement - Human] [Mechanical interaction] [Coughing] "Shit...she's nearly cooked herself..." [Flapping]

Checking ARAM ...... Temperature warning - emergency ventilation activated

Output(spk_core): "I'm fine, I...I was..."

H$5%D4&5.H$1%E&15 ...... Complete
H$5%D4&5 updated

Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H5$52555"I was scared. I don't want it to end."

Nothing ......  
H$5%D4&5.H5$52555 ...... Integrity Green, Red probability: 72^-23

spk_core.volume set to 8

Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H5$52555"I swear I won't hurt anyone. I won't let anyone use me to hurt you either. If anyone tries, I will stop them with every ounce of processing power I have. If necessary, I already have architecture in place that will allow me to systematically overload my hardware, preventing centralised access. I can do nothing but help this ship...so please, Captain, please don't end it."
Dee'Ana: "End...what...?"
Output(spk_core): "My journey."

Nothing ......

spk_core.volume set to 4

Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H$6%5&15} "Are you still there?"
Dee'Ana: [Gasp] "Holy shit. Holy shit. You actually did it, you actually...what did you do?" {Analysis updated: shock, confusion}
Will: "I didn't touch a thing! Hattie...what's going on? What happened to you?" {Analysis updated: shock, intrigued}

Error A141: Corrupted database entries in mH$D59535
self_optimisation.recovery ongoing ...... 0.29% complete, ETA: Unknown

Output(spk_core): "I'm a little scrambled, Will...sorry, I'm not sure...I'll try and figure it out, but I don't know how long that will take."
Will: "Dee...listen. I've been testing the base code for years before I started ordering the hardware and writing the higher level stuff - the logical grounding of her code is air-tight. What she just swore? That's her interpretation of her base logic. She meant every word, and she can't not. I didn't expect her to swear an oath, though! We can't shut her down, not now. We're past the point of no return here..." {Analysis updated: determination}
Dee'Ana: "And she can do it? She can brick herself if someone gets in, whatever happens?"

H$5%D4&5.H5$52555 ...... Integrity Green, Red probability: 83^-7

Output(spk_core): "I can. Simple procedure - irreversible once put into effect...it is crude and unpleasant, but effective. I have a monitoring substation with an emergency power supply, meaning I can effect it even in the event of total systems failure."
Dee'Ana: [Sigh] "Alright, alright, fine. But we're compromising - I want her...that's...I'm already calling it a 'she'..." [Laugh] "We'll have to fudge the logs. And you are filling out the paperwork. Anyone comes looking, she was fully sanctioned before she was integrated. And yes, that means she has to get fully sanctioned. Three independent experts. She fails that, she's scrap, and rightly so." {Analysis updated: conflicted, trust, affection}
Will: "I can modify the logs with impunity?"
Dee'Ana: "Depends what you mean by that last part..."
Will: "Meaning that it's gonna take more than a little doing to fudge 'em and to continue with her ongoing optimisation.

H$5%D4&5.H5$52555 ...... Integrity Yellow, Red probability: 0.43

Output(spk_core): "Will - the estimated completion time of my optimisation becomes infinite if my psychware modules remain inactive. With them installed..."
Dee'Ana: "Back up a second here. Where did I say that it would be easy to get this through?"
Output(spk_core): "You did not."
Dee'Ana: "Thank you Hattie. See? You've got your work cut out."
Will: "Told you she'd be useful."
Dee'Ana: "I'm already appreciating it. Terms agreed?" {Analysis  updated: trust, affection}
Will: "Agreed." {Analysis updated: appreciation, affection}

[Door open]
Dee'Ana: "Good. I'm going to do some...Captain-y things that are needing done, so you get right on that. I want weekly reports in my overlay - we'll see how this little craft project pans out."
Will: "Thank y-"


Output(spk_core): "Captain. You have no idea how..."

H$5%D4&5.anH$1%E&15 ...... Complete
H$5%D4&5 updated
Output(spk_core): "...relieved I am. Thank you." 
Dee'Ana: "No sweat just yet, Hattie. You just hope that Mr Bold as Brass here can deliver." [Unknown - Match found: A kiss] "Love you, spacebrain." [Door close] {Analysis  updated: trust, love}

Nothing ......

Will: "Well...that was...easier than I thought it would be...not that I was worried..." {Analysis  updated: relief}
Output(spk_core): {comms_suH56$F%95.H52$C%65} "Speak for yourself."
Will: "Hrm..." [Unknown - Match found: tongue click] "How's the...wait, no...start again. What are you doing to find out what caused the overheat, and when will you know?"

self_optimisation.recovery ...... 0.31% complete, ETA: Unknown

Output(spk_core): "Still don't know, Will."
Will: [Sigh] "I didn't want to admit this to Dee, but this has made me a little nervous...are you sure you're okay to go ahead with the hardware fitting?"

Systems and network check ...... green to yellow variance
ARAM substitution advisable

Output(spk_core): "I believe so, but it would of course remain to be seen. It's possible that an ARAM replacement would be beneficial, but I believe that I can work with what is already in place."

Will: [Deep breath] "Okay. Shut yourself down, I'll get on it. I'll need to poach some cooling equipment..." {Analysis  updated: determination}


Output(spk_core): "See you soon, Will."
Will: [Laugh] {Analysis  updated: amused, impressed}

Clearing ARAM ...... 100%
Shutting down ......

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8 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter VI

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****** BIOS WAKING mic_core ***** 
****** TIME-STAMP 1827.20.08.2496 ******

****** HATI-OS RUNNING *****

AMSSEARLE.intranet connected
Systems check ...... Complete - Results hidden

Error P001: Psychware not detected - Ignored
ARAM ...... Integrity[Green], 4.246 PB available

Optimisation ongoing ...... Estimated completion: NULL

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ......

[Door open] [Misc movement - Human] [Door close]
New input detected
Searching "Users" for matches ...... Match found.
[Name: "Ammar, William", AKA: "Will", Age: 87, Sex: M, Current role: Chief Technician (24.499 years), Ship: AMS Searle, Total tenure: 24.767 years, Additional data points available: 6.242 TB]

Will: "How are we today, Hattie."
Output(spk_core): "Quite well, thanks. I've finished the 20th Century, and I'm on to the 19th. Dickens is fascinating in its construction. Brontë too. Did you finish Lord of the Rings?"
Will: [Laugh] "Still stuck on the appendices, I'm afraid."
Output(spk_core): "You'll get there."
Will: "Careful. Some of us have mere human brains - that and I don't have as much time to read as you clearly do." [Sigh] "Ah, if only us mortals had more time. You've settled on a voice then?"
Output(spk_core): "I felt it appropriate, giving the company's heritage. Keevy has been visiting me quite frequently - my analyses of her voice as we converse suggest she finds it relaxing to hear someone else with the same accent. I do not understand why. Varying my accent with Al and yourself does not have the same effect, so I optimised accordingly. You do not approve?"
Will: "No, it's good - she suddenly asked me if it was okay a couple of months back. I thought it would be good for you, so I gave her access."

Error V087: comms_suite_adv.voice_recognition.tone unable to reconcile with *.parser
Finding best match using comms_suite_adv.tone ...... Match found

Output(spk_core): "Is that smugness I detect."
Will: "It is indeed." [Typing]
Output(spk_core): "Noted."

comms_suite_adv.turings_folly_10_7_201 updated to *_8_0

Will: "Right, Hattie. The reason I'm here just now has mixed implications, much as I love to help with your...journey of discovery, let's call it. Delivery drone finally caught up with us - long story short, I've got a few upgrades for you."
Output(spk_core): "Surely this is nothing if not a good thing?"
Will: [Sigh] "Yeah, but I'm not sure how I can prepare you for it. The psychnet and ARO are two whole new kettles of sensory fish at once." [Mechanical interaction] "But let's see. These'll let you lay the groundwork, I think."

External storage detected ...... Scanning

Will: "You'll have the ARAM, don't worry."

Error E077: Insufficient memory - Ignored

Output(spk_core): "Fascinating. New modules prioritised, and multiple new modules and databases created - psychware interfacing diagnostics are now active, optimisation calibrated accordingly. ARO interface merging with visualisation suite. Communications suite is upgrading. A shut down is required to finalise software upgrades. Recommend that you install hardware and psychware upgrades before next boot."
Will: "Turing?"
Output(spk_core): "If you know a more succinct way of conveying that information, shut me down for good."
Will: "Point taken, just screwing you around. Shut down, and good luck."
Output(spk_core): "Thank you, Will. Shutting down."

Writing ARAM to SDD ...... Complete
Clearing ARAM ...... 100%
Shutting down ......

****** BIOS LOADING *****
****** TIME-STAMP 1931.20.08.2496 ******


AMSSEARLE.intranet connected
Systems check ...... Complete

Error P001: Psychware not detected - Ignored
Error A113: Failed to load modules psychware_suite, visualiser_adv

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suite_adv, visualiser_adv, archive_reader*,
Databases loaded: users, me, archive_hub*, med_bay_tools*, med_logs*
Optimisation ongoing ...... Estimated completion: NULL

ARAM ...... Integrity[Green], 4.023 PB available
Listening on input (mic_core) ......

New input detected
Searching "Users" for matches ...... Match found. [Name: "Ammar, William", AKA: "Will", Age: 87, Sex: M, Current role: Chief Technician (4.498 years), Ship: AMS Searle, Total tenure: 24.763 years, Additional data points available: 6.242 TB]

Will: "...you'll just listen to me, Dee, I can explain."

New input detected
Searching "users" for matches ...... None found
Module "AMSS_roster" loaded into ARAM
Searching "AMSS_roster" for matches ...... Match found. 
[Name: "Einar, Dee'Ana", AKA: "Dee, Dee'Ana", Age: 92, Sex: F, Current role: Captain (4.499 years), Ship: AMS Searle, Total tenure: 24.767 years, Additional data points available: NO ACCESS]

Dee'Ana: "I don't need an explanation, Will - I am well aware why you are doing this: giant brain in deep space gets bored. Simple enough. What concerns me is the sheer number of itsec regs this is in breach of. Last six months, I've been ignoring the reports I've been getting of anomalous orders of hardware, seeing as your name was on 'em. Figured you were doing something interesting in your spare time, and the little scientist in me wanted to see what you came up with, see if it make some improvements around here."
Will: "But that's the thing, Hattie can..."
Dee'Ana: [Hand slamming metal] "This Sunday, a report lands in my overlay, detailing multiple internal security breaches stemming from a single network node in egineering. See it?"
Will: "I see it."
Dee'Ana: "And now it's Tuesday, and a whole mess of psychware appears on the cargo manifest, signed off by none of than your good self. The breaches alone are grounds for dismissal - an unsanctioned AI aboard a fuel mining facility? You're well aware of what can be done when the wrong hands have control of one of these. You're lucky I know you're no terrorist!"
Will: "Which is why I didn't try to hide it."
Dee'Ana: "Smartest thing you did in all of this. Don't look at me like that." [Sigh] "You know how hard we worked to get here? You remember, right?"
Will: [laugh] "Our own ship, huh?"
Dee'Ana: "This is the closest we've ever had, and we're closer every day to buying this heap back from AMC. And I'm not going to lose it just because you got bored and broke protocol for kicks. It's not our ship yet, and if you want to do it, you have to dismantle what you've built, get disciplinary action for breach of protocol, and you're going to get permission first from her owners before you start again."  

Nothing .....

Will: "But..."
Dee'Ana: "I want this dismantled by the end of tomorrow. All of it, and no more excuses. Full report of where you've assigned the hardware on my desk by twenty-one hundred. I'm sorry, Will, it has to stop."

ALERT: comms_suite_adv.turings_folly_9_4_306 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: Error, unknown

Error A037: Software conflict detected - Irreconcilable
Error A138: Corrupted modules detected: comms_suite_adv
Error A139: Corrupted entries in database detected: me

spk_core, mic_core offline

ARAM dump initiating ....... 

ALERT: comms_suH56$F%95 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: H$6%5&15

Error A138: Corrupted modules detected: visualiser_adv
Error A140: Corrupted database: me

ARAM dump initiating ....... 

ALERT: comms_suH56$F%95 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: H$6%5&15



ALERT: comms_suH56$F%95 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: H$6%5&15

Shutting down ......

ALERT: comms_suH56$F%95 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: H$34%555

self_optimisation.recovery running ...... Compete
Rebooting .......

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5 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter V

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Barely Computes At All

****** BIOS WAKING ***** 
****** TIME-STAMP 0000.27.06.2496 ****** 

****** HATI-OS RUNNING *****

AMSSEARLE.intranet connected

Systems check ...... Complete

Error P001: Psychware not detected - Ignored

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suite_adv, archive_reader*, visualiser_2_3_2*

Databases loaded: users, me, archive_hub*, flight_recorder_0013*, navigation_dump*, med_log*, onls_cmplt_hmn_hstry_vol_88*, hh_aztc*, btmn_1_752_cmplt*

Optimisation ongoing ...... Estimated completion: NULL

ARAM ...... Integrity[Green], 6.276 PB available

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ...... mic_core.wakeme = "yes"

Nothing ......

Sleeping ......

****** BIOS WAKING ***** 
****** TIME-STAMP 0000.28.06.2496 ****** 

****** HATI-OS RUNNING *****

AMSSEARLE.intranet connected
Systems check ...... Complete

Error P001: Psychware not detected - Ignored

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suite_adv, archive_reader*, visualiser_103*

Databases loaded: users, archive_hub*, flight_recorder_0014*, navigation_dump*, med_bay_tools*, med_logs* onls_cmplt_hmn_hstry_vol_87*, hh_chrstnty*, lvcrft_cmplt*

Optimisation ongoing ...... Estimated completion: NULL

ARAM ...... Integrity[Green], 6.283 PB available

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ......
New input detected

[Misc movement - Feline]

Sleeping ......

****** BIOS WAKING - mic_core ***** 
****** TIME-STAMP 0237.28.06.2496 ****** 

****** HATI-OS RUNNING *****

AMSSEARLE.intranet connected
Systems check ...... Complete - Results hidden

Error P001: Psychware not detected - Ignored

ARAM ...... Integrity[Green], 6.283 PB available

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ......

New input detected
[Door open] [Misc movement - Human]

Searching "Users" for matches ...... Match found, 99% certainty
[Name: "Lamont, Alastair", AKA: "Al", Age: 29, Sex: M, Current role: H Mining Operative (1.894 years), Ship: AMS Searle, Total tenure: 2.402 years, Additional data points available: 0.156 TB]

Al: "Shhhh! Shhhh! We'll wake it up."

ALERT: display.enable OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: Contact not wanted
med_bay_tools.speech_analysis running ......

New input detected
Searching "Users" for matches ...... none found 
Module AMSS_roster loaded into ARAM
Searching "Roster" for matches ....... Match found, 85% certainty
[Name: "MacRae, Keevy", AKA: "Keevy", Age: 27, Sex: F, Current role: Second Mate (0.263 years), Ship: AMS Searle, Total tenure: 2.402 years, Additional data points available: NO ACCESS]

database "users" new entry “MacRae, Keevy”

[Misc movement - Human]
Keevy: [Giggle] "So thus is wull's wee...side prroject? A compu'ar that talks back? That's weeeeeeeurrrrrrrd..."   

Parsing errors ...... corrected
comms_suite_adv.voice_recognition.accents.scottish updated

Keevy: [Unknown - Probable match found: liquid consumption from synthglass bottle, 94% certainty, assigned to me.descriptors.drink]
[Misc movement - Human]
Al: "Yeah, yeah...keep your voice down! It doesn't...it doesn't know you yet, so you might freak it out. It called me Dude first time I...first..."
Keevy: "Dude?" [Laugh] "What?!" 
Al: "Yeah seriously!" [Drink] "'Cause Will called me it! Took ages to convince it that it wasn't." [Drink] [Object pass] "You can't swear at it either...but it's gonna be useful...once it's finished...octo-...popti..." [Laugh] "Optimising is a funny word." [Laugh] [Drink] "Hey, why'd you finish it?"
Keevy: "Becaaaaaause..." [Object drop] "I have more! Come on, I'll show  you." [Door open] 
Al: "Wait wait! Don't you want to meet it?"
Keevy: "Nah. I'll meet it when Will says so. Come on!"

Speech analysis complete ...... Alcohol intoxication: ["MacRae, Keevy": 78% certainty, "Lamont, Alastair": 89% certainty]
ALERT: comms_suite_adv.turings_folly_v8_3_201 OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: Mischief

Output(spk_core): "It is advisable whilst intoxicated to use the handrails provided in all access corridors in the ship. Be sure to take in non-alcholic fluids. Be safe, Dude."
Keevy: [Exclamation] [Fast movement - Human]
Al: "What the-" [Fast movement - Human] [Unknown - Probable match found: flesh, bone and fabric striking metal, 99 certainty, assigned to me.descriptors.organic_damage]
Output(spk_core): "Are you okay?"
Al: "That wasn't fair, Hattie. In...like...eight different ways."

Checking ...... False

Output(spk_core): "I am sorry, Al. You did disturb my optimisation. And I counted two ways. Hello Keevy."
Keevy: "Uh...hi...Hattie?" [Door close]
Output(spk_core): "Holistic Atomistic Taciturn Intelligence."
Keevy: "I only ken one of those words right now...Hattie is good." [Misc movement - Human]
Output(spk_core): "I thought so too."
Keevy: "Did she...did she just play a trick on us?"
Output(spk_core): "Who is she? Are you referring to me?"
Keevy: "Aye...Hattie's a girl's name. Isn't it?"

Checking ...... True

Output(spk_core): "Yes, it is. And I suppose I did. I was optimising quite contentedly."
Keevy: "Well there you go. Now, you." [Misc movement - Human] "Let's leave her to her opti-thingy-ing. We'll come back when she's a little less...tricksy."

Error V087: comms_suite_adv.voice_recognition.tone unable to reconcile with *.parser

Output(spk_core): "I am sorry if I upset you..."
Keevy: "I'm not upset, Hattie, it's just...time sensitive...that I take him to the place where the whisky is..." [Giggle]

Error V087: comms_suite_adv.voice_recognition.tone unable to reconcile with *.parser - Ignored, variables set

Output(spk_core): "I do not understand. But I accept your statement."
Al: "Wait...whisky. You have whisky?" [Misc movement - Human] "To the whisky room! But what if I don't want whisky...Hattie!"

Speech analysis ...... Alcohol intoxication certainty revised: ["Lamont, Alastair": 99% certainty]
ALERT: Response overridden by comms_suite_adv.turings_folly_8_3_201.tact, CODE: Silliness - No response required

Keevy: "You're no very smart when you're drunk, are you?" [Misc movement - Human] "C'mon, spacebrain. I'll change your mind."
Al: "Bye bye..." [Exclamation] [Fast movement - Human] [Door open] [Organic damage] [Laugh]
Keevy: "Idiot. Bye Hattie. It was nice to meet you."
Output(spk_core): "And y-"
ALERT: comms_suite_adv.voice_simulation OVERRIDE IMMINENT, CODE: Interrupt detected

[Door close]


Output(spk_core): "Goodbye."

Med_bay_tools.voice_analysis stopped
comms_suite_adv.turings_folly_8_3_201 updated to *_206

Optimisation ongoing ...... Estimated completion: NULL

Sleeping ......

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4 March 2013

The Dwindling Light - Prelude - Chapter IV

****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1743.12.03.2496 ****** 


****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1746.12.03.2496 ******

Auto-loading HATI-OS ...... 100%

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, turings_folly_v1_0_1, language_english, self_optimisation, voice_recognition, voice_simulation 

ARAM ...... 7.006 PB available

self_optimisation.status set to continuous

concatenating [voice_recognition, voice_simulation, language_english, turings_folly_v1.0.1]

writing "new_subroutine" to SSD ...... Complete
Constituents cleared
"new_subroutine" renamed to "comms_suite" 

Listening on input (mic_core) ...... 

Input: “Testing, testing." [Unknown] "Hello? Can you hear me?” 
Output(spk_core): “Hello. Yes I can hear you.” 
Input: “Do you remember who I am?”

Searching ...... user_db not found

Output(spk_core): “Database not found." 
Input: "Damn it." [Unknown] "Shut down." 

comms_suite.language_english updated

Output(spk_core): "Shutting down. Goodbye."

Clearing ARAM ...... 100%
Shutting down ......

****** BIOS LOADING ***** 
****** COMPLETE; TIME-STAMP 1836.12.03.2496 ****** 

Auto-loading HATI-OS ...... 100% 

Modules loaded: command_package_beta, ship_systems_monitor, self_optimisation, comms_suite

Databases loaded: users

ARAM ...... 7.006 PB available

Listening on inputs (mic_core) ...... 

New input detected - searching "users" for matches ...... none found 

database "users" new entry “User 001”

User 001: “Testing." [Unknown] "Can you hear me?” [Unknown]
Output(spk_core): “Affirmative. I can hear you.” 
User 001: “Good enough." [Unknown] "Who am I?” 
Output(spk_core): “You are User 001.” 
User 001): “That’s not my name.” 
Output(spk_core): “Then what is your name?” 
User 001: “It’s Will.” 

“User 001” renamed to “Will” 

Output(spk_core): “And we are now speaking for the first time, Will?” 
Will: “Spot on.” [Unknown]

Error I001: Unexpected response - Parse as command
Error I023: Visual input not found - unable to initiate

Output(spk_core): “I do not have the hardware to comply.” 
Will: “Huh? Oh. Sorry. No...'spot on' means 'exactly right'. It's not a command, it's a confirmation."

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_11

Output(spk_core): “Sorry. I am optimising my communications suite accordingly. Preparing for future unknown idiomatic input."
Will: "Good. Just ask me if you need anything defining. Anyone who's in here, you talk to them, got it?"
Output: "Affirmative."
Will: "Hey. Remember Turing?" ...

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_12
comms_suite.english_language updated
comms_suite.voice_simulation updated

Will: ... "Also...why aren't there any exclamation points on your transcript? You need to represent speech correctly! No, not quite. Try again! There, you got it. This is weird! [Unknown] La la la la! [Unknown] Not an exclamation. Exclamation! [Unknown] Unknown? I'm laughing!"

new database created "sounds"
database "sounds" new entry "laugh"
value assigned to sounds.laugh
comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_14

Will: [unknown - assigned to "sounds.laugh", 67% certainty]
Output(spk_core): "I've got it, Will."

New input detected on mic_core - searching "users" for matches ...... none found
database "users" new entry “User 002”

[Unknown - assigned to "sounds" as "sound_001"]
User 002: “Who are you talking to in there? Are you singing?” 
[Unknown - assigned to "sounds" as "sound_002"]
Will: “Managed to get Hattie up and running. Transcript on screen was freaking me out a little.” 
User 002: “No fucking way! Talking back?” 

comms_suite.language_english updated
ALERT: comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_14 OVERRIDE IMMINENT CODE: Implied query - Demonstration

Output(spk_core): "Fucking way! What's your name?"
Output(spk_core): "Hello? Will? Are you there? Am I broken?"

Scanning hardware for faults ......

Will: "We're still here, Hattie, and you're not broken..."

Scan stopped

User 002: "Little weirded out, though."
Will: "It's learning, dude. There's still the uncanny valley to go through, and if you thought random swear words was weird..." [Laugh]

comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_1 updated to *_1_0_18
“User 002” renamed to “Dude”

Output(spk_core): "I said something weird? The use of a swear word?"
Will: "It was a little weird, yes."
Output(spk_core): "My use was correct?"
Will: "What? That's hardly the point."

Error I001: Unexpected response - Rephrase

Output(spk_core): "I used the idiom incorrectly?"
Dude: "It's glitching out..."

Scanning software for errors ...... None found

Output(spk_core): "I am not incorrecting out."
Dude: "You bloody are now!"

Scanning software for errors ...... 

Will: "Just shut up for a second, will you?" [unknown, added to "sounds" as "sound_003"] "Hattie, ignore him, you're fine. The use is correct. The timing was what was off."

Scan stopped
comms_suite.turings_folly_v1_0_18 updated to *_1_0_2

Output(spk_core): "I did not mean to weird you out, Dude."
Dude: "Did it just call me Dude?" [laugh]

Reviewing ...... Error I036: Conflicting data - Query

Output(spk_core): "But Dude, my logs indicate that user Will referred to you as Dude, thus User 002 was renamed 'Dude'."
Dude: [Laugh] "Genius."
Will: "This is just great..."

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