23 September 2007

All my internets belong to us!

Hurray! Back - albeit briefly - in the land of the internets! I am, as you may be able to tell, totally psyched for this monumentous event. Still, it all goes away tomorrow, which is vaguely depressing. But! I have several phone numbers for several ISPs that I intend to get set up as soon as...well, they deliver the damn hub and hook me up!

Anyways, on to serious business. Scotland are up against New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup tomorrow, which is...well, it's quite frankly terrifying. The most formidable force in rugby coming to Edinburgh to crush our spirit! Still, given our performance on Tuesday against Romania - where we actually looked like a proper rugby team, instead of randoms playing on a Sunday afternoon - we should hopefully keep the scoreline to a minimum. Ideally, we'd keep them within 7 points, because then, interestingly, we'd get a 'Match Point' from the ordeal. Which...y'know, helps. Anyways, should be a cracker - the New Zealanders are always up for a laugh!

As for movies, I managed to go see Shoot 'Em Up, and I have to say I was entertained throughout. It's not particularly cranial, or a masterstroke of epic proportions. But it is deliriously silly, over-the-top fun. And Paul Giamatti chews scenery rather well as the tubby-yet-psychotic villain. I'll post a review if I get around to writing one, but as a 'preview' of sorts, I gave it 7/10!

Anyways, that's all I can think of for now...a blissfully short blog entry is to be the result of this few minutes tapping at my keyboard. Hopefully I can be marginally more entertaining with my next post. Regardless, I bid you all good eve!

*dives out window*

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