16 August 2008

Shameless plug!

And they're not even for stuff I've made! Wowza.

First thing's first. Axis of Awesome. They're wicked - it's like if Tim Minchin formed a band and stopped with the crazy eye-liner. By their own admission, they're only about 40% rock'n'roll, but that was - apparently - more than enough to keep me entertained for the full 50 minutes that I was in their company! They're absolutely brilliant, and if your out and about in the Edinburgh Fringe, definitely try to catch them. 10.30pm, Gilded Balloon Teviot in the Sportsmans, and it's £9.50 a head (£8.50 for you dirty students). Catch 'em while you've still got time! For a quick taster - check out their MySpace page. Three tracks for your enjoyment - the Four Chords song is particularly inspired. Just remember - they're meant to be funny.

What else...oh yes. Lots of stuff going on. Getting back into Halo 3 - playing with mates instead of doing the rank system, and I'm really enjoying it again. Plus there's the Social Playlists which I didn't check out the last time; which are basically like how Call of Duty play it - throw 8 players of varying skill together, and see who comes out on top. So yeah, good fun again. I'm also playing with loads of guys from TSR, which is good fun. I've managed to develop the rep of 'the guy who dual wields', which amuses me.

That's about it really. Pineapple Express and Hellboy 2 are going to be seen as soon as possible. I'll also try and write reviews for The Dark Knight and Wall-E, particular if I get around to going to seeing them again.

That's it for now. Latas.

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