19 September 2008

Home once again!

Sooo - that's us back from our trip. Bus journey back up was a significant improvement on the one down - I actually endeavoured to get up ever so often and stretch my back, which helped a lot. And now I'm sitting on my good old bed once again, watching 'That Gay Shepherd Movie' (also known as Brokeback Mountain - beautiful film, oh yes indeed), and wishing I was still down south. I know it sounds kind of pathetic, but whenever I visit my mum, it just reminds me of when I didn't have all these ridiculous 'real world' things to deal with. Job, bills, all that crap - not more than a year ago, I had none of those things to worry about...now...guh, it's still sinking in, shall we say. But I do be coping...I think...

Nowt much to be done at the moment - had a tearful reuinion with my Xbox, got a few games of Call of Duty in. That was good fun. Fee managed to get a job more or less as she walked back through the door - which made me bitter and gleeful in equal measures. Need a job - that's gone on the list of 'things to do'. Fee says she can get me a part-time gime Front of Housing the place she's now working at, but in all honesty, I'm still hoping for work at the cinema!

Speaking of cinema, no huge plans as of yet - might try and go see Pineapple Express at some point over the next week. Although it's getting decidedly under-whelming feedback from lots of places - so I am lowering my expectations appropriately. Hopefully I'll still find a way to enjoy it! Couple more releases that I'd quite like to see - Tropic Thunder and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - but that's about 3 out of 15 releases at the moment. Lots of cack out at the moment, it would seem. Then again, The Dark Knight's still on release, and RocknRolla was okay...so I suppose it's jumping the gun a bit to say that there's only cack out at the moment. But Disaster Movie is on release as well as something called Wild Child...yikes.

That's about it for now. Need sleep...or maybe a drink. Anyways, latas.

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