19 February 2009

Oooh! A bog!

Yes, that is perhaps the most interesting thing about Skye. The insane thing about the place is that on the one hand the place is absolutely stunning – I’m talking jaw-dropping natural beauty here – but on the other hand that’s more or less the exact reason why it’s so stunningly boring. I mean, a lot of it is unexplored, but it’s not because its inaccessible or somehow dangerous to explore, but simply a ‘can’t be arsed’ attitude towards the land, and that has a tendency to ruin the joy of exploring.

To explain, Fee – in her infinite wisdom and excitingness – decided that it’d be a fantastic idea to have a road trip to the Isle of Skye (handy Google Maps link!), and more specifically the towns of Portnalong, Dunvegan and Upper Milovaig. And as the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words…so…here’s several pictures!

The ‘wigwam’ we stayed in.

The first night we went for a walk. I found this. It was awesome.

Sheep that looks like a dog!

DSC02495 DSC02499DSC02498
The many cliffs of Neist Point

DSC02497 DSC02511
Neist Point Lighthouse and Dunvegan Castle respectively.

That’d be me…I was having a rest…also know as ‘slipping on the mud’.

Probably the artiest picture I took all holiday….

Fee, Nathan and Me with Nessie. Apparently I was the happiest to meet it…

Yes, that is the choice few that were actually half-decent. The rest are either blurry or horrifically framed…

Nowt much happening now. Back to the day-to-day shite of finding a job and playing video games. Have fun, kiddies!

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