22 November 2007

I am Ripper! Tearer! Slasher! Gouger!

And I think I've seen this movie before...

Yes, I saw Beowulf; and whilst I certainly enjoyed it, there was a distinct aftertaste of 300 going on there. Lots of manly shouting, pseudo-catchphrases and, well...partially concealed male nudity. Still, the CGI was, quite frankly, astonishing, and the final battle with the dragon was visually on par with anything that the Lord of the Rings offered. I'll cook up a proper review at some point - along with one for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which I also had the misfortune of seeing. And I suppose you can guess what I thought of it already!

Start work tomorrow; but honestly, I'm totally relaxed. Bit apprehensive, I suppose, but beyond that I'm more than up for it! Should be a blast, and hopefully I'll meet some new people to keep me company, seeing as everyone else is buggering off home for Christmas, and I'm stuck here. Ho hum, and all that jazz.

Oh yes! I bought Spider-man 3 for the bargain price of £9.30 including P&P. God, I love the Amazon marketplace; so many great deals! So little time! I'm inclined to disagree with most critics of Spider-man 3; I mean, okay, the story was a tad more confuzzling than the first two, but so long as your brain is switched on, you can keep up. And the action sequences were a little more...epic too, and that just added to the fun. So yeah, as good as 1, not as good as 2. Great stuff.

Well, that's it. Fun stuff all 'round, and I suppose I'll slap in another post in a few days once I've got a few days of work under me belt.


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