2 November 2007

I told you he could do it!

Frakkin' A, man! I got my internets! Tiscali finally pulled their fingers out of their collective arses and produced the necessary equipment. Pity it was the wrong equipment, but you gotta credit them for trying, right? So currently we're on a USB Modem being broadcasted to the world through my laptop, and the wireless router proper should be here in a few days.

But yes! Internets are finally mine! I can do stuff! Fun stuff! Like play Halo 3 online! (Which is, I must say, exactly as good as I thought it would be) And blog semi-regularly! (As opposed to quasi-regularly).

Anyways, I'm knackered at the moment, so this - the first post of November - is to be a rather short one.

I bid thee good eve!

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