5 January 2008

'Tography, Colds and a monkey...

Yes, you heard right. A monkey. I have one. It's right...shit...left the window open. Gone now. Oh well. Would've been a good'un too. I guess I'll just have to attempt to entertain you lot...again. Yeesh.

Been doing a spot of photography. And here they are!

Cool, huh? It snowed in Auld Reekie, and it was rather pretty. Of course, then they made us shovel slush off of the site, and thus the effect of the prettiness was rather short-lived; and we promptly dived back into the world of clipped tempers and swinging sledgehammers. And I've got a damn cold. Well, a sore throat, but it's bloody annoying.

Still need to go to the movies. Might go tomorrow with Ryan; but whatever. Still, cinema will be good; I like cinema. Haven't been since the godawful adaptation of The Golden Compass. Which made me angry. But I realised that my review would be awfully tainted by the stench that is 'one has read the book'; and thus I refrained from writing it. Mayhap it'll hold up better if/when the sequel comes out.

Speaking of sequels, there're've been a tidal wave of The Dark Knight posters flying about the interweb - along with the amazing, jaw-dropping trailer - and the featured badboy is my favourite. It's incredibly creepy, and if it's any indication of Chris Nolan's interpretation of the Joke, the movie is going to absolutely kick ass. Lovely.

And that's it! My next post should hopefully be a review of I am Legend; so keep the ol' peepers peeled for that piece of prose. Peace!

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