21 April 2008


Yes, I am. Well...Tesco are...so not me at all, really. They've made double concentrated blackcurrant squash. Well...I think it's genius!

And before we get into the bulk of this post, sorry about the stupid broken images...I have to start actually uploading pictures instead of hotlinking them...sorry!

Haven't actually gotten around to tinkering with my theme, which sucks. Will try and do something vaguely interesting! Although I do like the current layout, so don't expect that bit to change!

Went to the lady's something-vaguely-resembling-a-family-reunion thing, and that was pretty cool. Her family seem pretty decent - although she insists that they're batshit crazy, and seeing as I'm inclined to believe her over my own limited view, I'm guessing I caught them on a good weekend. Still, the food was good, the entertainment...I won't say good, but it was entertaining. But yeah, it was good!

Got [REC] to watch...that should be thoroughly entertaining. For those of you not in the know, [REC] is sort of Romero crossed with The Blair Witch Project, only pant-wettingly scary! But not the actual Romero crossed with The Blair Witch Project - that'd be Diary of the Dead, which I want to see as well! Oh, and it's in Spanish. It's apparently so good, that a US remake has already been commissioned, despite the fact that it's only just been released, I'm hoping it'll be awesome, so I'll probably post a review for that once I've finished!

That's about it really. More news than you can poke your finger at! But you can almost certainly poke a stick at it....rather easily, in fact!

Anyways! Have fun in the wide world!

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