28 April 2008


Yeah, so I lied a little bit...big whoop. Actually, I've been trying to write a proper review for [REC] - i.e. watching it again and writing the review as I do so - but haven't actually had the time!

If you're interested, this post is Mac flavoured! Yes, I have succumbed to temptation, and am fiddling about with an Apple 'computer'. Not exactly my cup of tea, but what the hey. It works fine enough to actually crack a blog post out.

I have a new website! Check it out: http://www.ross.huan.co.uk ! Not much on there at the moment, but you won't believe the work that went into that 'coming soon' thing. Doesn't even look that great! But that's the general gist of the design idea that I had for it, and hopefully once I've put a little bit more work into it, the thing will look pretty funky. Might experiment with the look on here, so keep a weather eye out for any changes!

Bought a pile of DVDs today - Fee wanted to go 'for a walk', and we ended up in Zavvi wondering what the hell happened! Bought the director's cut of Hellboy - which I've been wanting for a while now - as well as Hard Candy, Ghost Rider, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and finally Day Watch. All for the rather reasonable sum of £30, which I didn't think was too bad. £6 for the DC of Hellboy is more than excellent!

That's about it, really...not much exciting happening this end. Will try and get a review of [REC] written, so hopefully that will be my next post. But for now...toodle-pip!

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