31 March 2009

We lose. Again.

Scotland, it would seem, have managed to somehow make the transition from ‘promising’ to ‘rubbish’ when it comes to international football. Ours is a team that come within inches of knocking out the reigning world champions, a team which beat France on two occasions. Now reduced to third place behind Iceland and The Netherlands. What the hell went wrong, eh?

Watched one new movie this week: Knowing. It was wank. Particularly disappointing given the pedigree of the director, Alex Proyas. Dark City, I, Robot and most notably The Crow are all in his back catalogue, and we’re treated to a jumbled, shoddily acted piece of sci-fi hokum. It starts of interesting enough, but by the time the angels have appeared, it’s grounds enough for leaving the cinema.

Absolutely bugger all else going on at the moment. Ploughing through Resident Evil 5, which is great fun. I’ll try and post a proper review of that once I’ve finished it.


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