14 April 2009

New Feature!

Okay, so I'm getting vaguely annoyed at my lack of updatage as of late. So I've decided to introduce something for me to do to keep the content fresh, so to speak.

So! The idea is Micro-Reviews - just one or two paragraphs about the films that I've watched recently. If they're new films they might eventually evolve into a full-blown one, and the same goes for old ones if I can really be bothered. I'll stick a link for 'MicroReviews' in the link list to the left, so you can have a look at all and any updates to that particular aspect of the site.

So yeah! There we go.

Update: Still got no job. Finished Resident Evil 5 on Veteran. Couldn't be arsed with Professional, so sent it back. Got outraged that they're charging 400 MS points for the Versus mode download. Wrote a buttload of my book, but not enough to truly be impressive just yet. Am feeling more creative today, though...so who knows?

That's it for now. Enjoy the first MicroReview!

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