29 May 2009

Employedness...like Loch Ness...

So yeah, I've now been employed by the Edinburgh Fringe Society for 9 days, and I'm generally feeling better about myself. Work seems to veer greatly from ludicrously easy to frustratingly difficult and slow, so it averages out at about the right level. But work is work, and hopefully some moneys should start a-flowing their way into my bank account, instead of the constant stream going out of it.

Work has also brought me to appreciate the Genius function on the new range of iPods - a single press of a button and you can choose the mood of a playlist or make it go off an a stylistic tangent from what you've already established. Essentially means that there's very little downtime between songs, thanks to the lack of need to choose and subsequently find which songs you want! Brilliant stuff.

Elsewhere...big news today: Pixar's latest outing, Up, sees its cinematic release Stateside today, and the general consensus seems to be that it's Pixar's best film ever, even better than Wall-E! I have to say that the latter statement does stretch plausibility somewhat - if it is genuinely better than Wall-E, I'll eat my hat: that film was literally perfect - but it doesn't make me any less enthused about it.

Pixar - it seems - are one of the very few studios that you can count on for consistency, regardless of what medium they choose to make their films in. They have but one weak outing, and that'd be A Bug's Life, back when they were still technically finding their feet as an independant studio. Yes, Cars was relatively weak - I wrote a review of it, but failed to publish it on here... - but it still far outshines anything that Dreamworks has ever put out.

Film-wise, Fighting and Drag Me to Hell are on release here in the UK - think the latter might be my Film of the Weekend, to be quite honest. I'm a huge fan of Fight Club, so when something get's labelled as 'The Fight Club for...', I get a little wary, seeing as everything ever labelled as such has invariably turned out to be disappointing. Terminator Salvation is next week, and despite it getting generally poor reviews, Empire still awarded it four stars, which is encouraging. Then the next big release is Michael Bays Giant Hulking Robots 2, which I'm also definitely looking forward to. It'll be an anniversary of sorts, considering that Transformers is the first movie that I wrote a review for on this blog! Genius indeed.

The video games world, on the other hand, has some hugely interesting releases coming up in the next few weeks. The Sims 3 finally sees its release after a number of delays - June 3rd that'll be hitting our screens - as well as the rather enticing Red Faction: Guerilla on June 5th. If you've got a 360 or PS3 and haven't downloaded both RFG demos...what are you waiting for? The multiplayer is better than the single player, however I reckon that both packaged together will make for a rather pleasing gaming experience that may well worm its way into my regular playlist.

The multiplayer in particular is worthy of special mention - it's incredibly accessible, and the GeoMod 2.0 engine makes pitched firefights all the more interesting thanks to crumbling scenery and dynamic battlefields that are rarely the same twice! The weapons are nicely balanced - albeit some of them a bit weird, and the sledgehammer, whilst a great idea in theory, really needs nerfed, as it's far too easy to score a one hit kill with it at the moment.

That's all that's on my mind at the moment. Long post! Blimey. Have a nice one, guys!

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