2 June 2009

Before I continue...

...allow me to elaborate. Essentially, I'm implementing a new feature in the games reviews section - Expanded Scores. These're essentially micro-reviews for games, and will always be tacked onto the end of a prose review, or they may well appear on their own. Essentially they're for getting the gist of a review across, so if you can't be arsed to read my wall of text, but still care about what I think, you can have a quick glance at the Expanded Scores!

They'll essentially look like this - and yes, I have IGN to thank for the main idea.

Click for Expanded Scores
(It'll only be hidden if there's a prose review preceeding it - if it's on its own, it'll be shown)

Overall Score: XX%

Obviously there are going to be some teething problems as I 100% sort out the code for it (at the moment its at about 90%), but hopefully this'll be a new and exciting feature that'll keep you guys interested!

Now! Onto a Velvet Assassin review!

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