27 July 2009


Despite coming from a high-flying comedy stable, Brüno more often than not falls flat with it's calling out of American homophobia. There are some amusing scenes - the 'how to defend yourself against a homosexual' sequence being worthy of particular mention - but for the most part it's merely cringeworthy.


Criticise said...

I would have to disagree with you on so many fronts. I believe that Bruno makes fun of the fashion business, homosexuals and homophobes and all with an over-the-top extremeism, and the result being a film that I haven't laughed so much watching in such a long time. The 'defend yourself against a homosexual' was one of the funniest bits but I think there was so many more parts of the film that were still very funny. Funnier than Borat by a long-shot. I think that it deserves a 4 stars out of 5. =).

Ross said...

Well, it was funny in fits and spurts, but it just seems that kind of comedy simply doesn't appeal to me - I didn't like Borat either, though I agree that Bruno was marginally funnier. There were indeed some classic moments, but I just felt they were far too diluted.

But each to their own - my flatmate and the internet at large seem to have enjoyed it, so I'm clearly in a minority ;)