18 July 2009

Mentiroso! Again!

Okay, so maybe I lied a little and am not going to see Public Enemies tonight! Bit gutted, but it did mean that I saw the new Harry Potter movie yesterday, which I suppose is a plus!

Will definitely try and write a review, but suffice to say I was quite surprised by the fact that I didn't think it was the worst movie ever. Visually strong, and with a fantastic performance from Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn, it's certainly the best one so far.

I'm rather confused as to where this leaves the old 'sequels are always worse' rule, though...still, if your a HP fan you ought to love it!

Hopefully the next post will be a review! So watch out for that! Laters!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sequels bettering the original - top of the list must be Toy Story or even Hellboy, bottom of the list must be Shrek!