13 July 2007

The Fun Thing About Pomeranians...

...is that the fuckers always manage to sneak up on me. Seriously, every time one's been in my house, I've opened a door and it's scared the skin off of me. Impressive for a dog that some would call 'pointless'. Apparently not! They can be used for scaring tall people! And ain't they just so kewt?

Anyways, Aslan - yes, our lovely cleaning lady Vicky apparently enjoys fantasy fiction/cinema - is currently dancing all around the house, being a madman. Apparently - though this beggars belief - he's been jumping through windows...spry little bugger!

As for me, I officially finished my 27th chapter of my novel last night! 'T'was an exciting chapter, full of mystery, intrigue and...exposition of my Magic system. That's right, it's taken me 27 chapters to actually explain how Magic works in my metaphysical world. Probably not the wisest move, but honestly...it never came up! Managed to correct most of my grammatical mistakes myself - though I probably missed about a hundred of them, because I am Captain Ungrammatical after all (you know...Captain Obvious and General Obscure's penniless cousin twice removed...)

The next gen console debate continues to entertain me; with people actually attempting to convince me that not only will the PS3 version of GTA4 look better; but will somehow play better. I ridiculed them, of course, but it just brought to my attention how devoted Sony's fanbase are, despite the company that is the subject of their adulation delivering them a sub-par product.

There was also a silly person who claimed that the Xbox was huge and ugly when compared to his slim, sleek PS3. The picture left proves otherwise...but hey, whatever. Self-delusion is a human right...right? Or at least, I certainly hope it is, because people seem to do it a lot...much like I'm deluding myself that there's a chance anyone is a) reading this and b) enjoying it. So I shall stick to it, thank you very much!

Another topic that's been on my mind lately is the Halo movie - and beyond that, video-game to movie adaptations in general. Me and my mate Al had a long - frequently tangential - debate about it over MSN last night - with him trying to convince me the Halo movie will be crap, despite plenty of evidence that suggests the contrary (here, here and here). I'm not saying it's guaranteed to be great, but the fact that studios seem to be realising that you can't just churn out crap when it comes to the video-game adaps, along with the three previous bits of info - I'd say it's certainly get a better-than-most chance of actually being a decent film. So that's one that's definitely on my 'to watch' list.

Ah yes, and to end - a song recommendation. My buddy Nate (yes, I called him Nate) sent me a version of 'All Along the Watchtower' by The Paperboys (not just Paperboys - their music is awful), and it's fantastic. I've apparently got a deep-seeded love of Celtic Rock, but y'know...whatever.

To finish...a Scrubs quote.

"P.O. That's 'Peace Out'." *leaves*

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