10 July 2007

The Innocuous First Post

Okay, so this is my first post in my brand new, rather shiny blog. Expect occasional harsh language, the odd rant, possibly an interesting comment or three, and the odd SP&G error! Also, expect a whole lot of superfluous crap - because honestly, I occasionally go off on one for no apparent reason. But I hope that I manage to do it with a small amount of showmanship, and all in good sport!

I'll probably end up posting the odd movie review, the odd TV review or a review of anything else that catches my fancy along with my general inane thoughts, along with producing comments from other blogs/message boards/new services/what-the-hell-ever and ranting about them. Then, of course, I'll probably post updates on my novel (which, by the way, is currently published on FictionPress, if you're interested).

Anyways, if anyone actually reads this, I hope you get some kind of entertainment out of it. Enjoy!

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