11 May 2008


Yeah! A video game review! Fancy, huh? Honestly, I think I phoned it in a bit - seems a bit too pacey, methinks - but I might start doing that more often. Next month it should be Age of Conan, seeing as I'm getting my greasy little paws on a copy more or less as soon as it's released!

Am a bit frustrated as of late - won't go into it, because we all know what happens when I go into even vague details about my personal life...don't we Jimmy? But suffice to say that it's timing related, and I'm quite vexed by the whole thing. But it's just one of those things that happens, and I'm just going to deal with it! Not angry at anyone involved - more angry with myself for feeling anger in the first place...a vicious cycle! But there we go!

Been watching Rome as I recently got the second series for my viewing pleasure, so I decided to give the first one a bash through again. Still as good as I remember it - although a few of the earlier episodes seem slightly more over-directed than I remember them being. Still, it's entertaining, and that's what's important, right?

Finally got around to sticking the new theme on...kinda rough around the edges right now - rather literally, in fact, as well as figuratively! Hopefully going to concoct two reviews tomorrow - [rec] (finally) and Iron Man. Got nothing better to do tomorrow (see second paragraph for vague details as to why), so might as well. Then I'm off to the cinema in the evening to see either Speed Racer or Doomsday - although I'm leaning towards the latter! Absolute shit all on at the cinema at the moment - I think distributors are kinda intimidated by Indy IV rolling out into theatres, so they're saving great movies for a few weeks after the be-hatted one cracks his cinematic whip for what might be the last time. Can't wait for that, to be quite honest...the new trailer makes it look even more awesome!

That's about it for now - so I shall bid you good eve!


Anonymous said...

Great new theme, but will the colour change with your moods. Unsure of links at top, pressed one and they've disappeared x

Nat said...

Nyargh! Age of Conan! *dribbles*