20 May 2008

Moscow: A Travelogue - Day 1

Been at Fee's since about 8pm yesterday, chilling out with her. Plan is to not actually go to bed tonight - seeing as I have to leave here at about 4am, with my flight being at 5.50. Once I get on the plane, I'll sleep for the duration, then get off it again in Frankfurt and sleep in the terminal for a couple of hours. After that, hop on the plane to Moscow, sleep on that too - after getting something to munch on, of course - then crash at wherever me and Dad are staying.

Say goodbye to Fee - I'm not afraid to admit that I've become rather attached to her, so it's quite difficult to leave her behind, regardless of what it's for. Then trot down to the bus stop and pay the driver £5 for the privelage of being able to hop on his bus and go home when I come back. Stuff that in my bag, then sit in boredom as the bus weaves through the streets of Edinburgh in a vain attempt to keep it's 'centre of the city to the airport in 25 minutes' promise.

Check in is packed - mainly with people wearing Man Utd tops, so it's forgiveable - so it takes a little while longer than I thought, but I still end up with 45 minutes to wander around the terminal before finally getting to the gate. Getting on the plane takes a little while - some lady starts a fuss over her baby buggy that is eventually solved by sticking the thing in the hold, but it took it's bloody time. Onto the plane - finally - and away to the skies!

Arrive in Frankfurt at 9.37 local time (that's 8.37 Edinburgh time), 8 minutes earlier than scheduled - not bad, considering the pilot said we had a head wind - and get herded onto a bus that takes us to the terminal proper. Turns out the that the gate for my next flight is literally in the exact spot where the bus dumps us, minus anything useful like somewhere to get something to eat! So the whole lot of us have to sit there until 13.00, either sleeping or just sitting there twiddling our thumbs. I managed to get a bit of shut-eye - not much, considering the child next to me decided to start screaming, and the mother seemed inept at calming her down.

Boarding starts, and getting on the plane is easy this time. More or less get to sleep the moment I sit down, only to be woken by the hideous stewardess - someone clearly didn't know when to say no to the fake tan...the woman was orange! Still, the meal she gave me was passable for airline food - pasta carbonara, and the cheese they gave us for the bread was quite tasty.

Land in Moscow, and now all that's left is to wait for my Dad to arrive from London. Ends up arriving an hour and a half late, despite the fact that the board claims that he should have arrived at any minute of that hour and a half, so was a little bit worried that he'd been held back and cavity searched...or something.

Went to a flat that belong a man my Dad knows - Alf Dsouza, if you can believe such a surreal name. Nice flat, with a nice bed...speaking of which...

That's it! Am knackered, so am going to bed

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