21 May 2008

Moscow: A Travelogue - Day 2

So! Big day today!

Started off rather poorly, to be absolutely honest. Woke up at about 8am, realised I didn't actually need to be awake, and then sat in bed wondering why I was awake for about an hour! But! I quickly remedied this by actually getting the fuck up and getting showered. Watched some crazy Russian TV for a bit, then got very bored and had a wander about.

Was particularly amused by the Indy 4 poster. Wonder how they'll react to it when it's actually released!

Anyways! After about two hours, it started raining, and so I more or less jogged back to the flat. Watched some more Russian TV before finally discovering that they had English channels, so watched them!

Then! The time came for us to head towards the stadium. Very exciting stuff - driver picks me up from the entrance to the flat and drives me to where my Dad is. We quickly grab some dinner, then hop into yet another car - which turns up late, much to Dad's chagrin. Then! To University Metro station and onto the famous Moscow metro. Oddly enough, it's just like in Night Watch - no glamorisation, no funky camera stuff going on...that's the Moscow metro up there! Anyways, we head to the station nearest the stadium, then up towards the stadium:

Brilliantly, both the Man Utd and Chelsea fans are lagered off their minds - which makes for interesting bits of entertainment along the way.

And then! The stadium appears! It's a gorgeous piece of architecture. I'm no connoisseur, but it was rather jaw dropping.

Once inside, we're treated to an astonishing game of football. It's ridiculously tense - each side doesn't want to lose but then again they have an obligation to the fans to put on a show. So they start poking at each other for a bit. After 26 minutes, Ronaldo pokes home a fantastic goal, but Frank Lampard slams one in just before the interval. And that's how it stays until the end of extra time.

Penalties, and all is not going to plan. Ronaldo misses his, and as John Terry steps up to the spot, my head's in my hands. I can't watch. But suddenly, everyone around me is cheering - that can't be right, can it? John Terry's usually fairly accurate from the spot...but no this time. He claims he slipped - I think he just plain missed, from what I've seen on the video replays - but whatever happened, he puts it high and right. We're still in with a shot!

Giggs steps up to the spot and slots it home - there was a little bit of nail biting that the pressure might get to him, but it doesn't. Then Nicolas Anelka steps up...and Van Der Sar saves! Fucking hell, what an eruption. The crowd goes absolutely mental - I'm talking screaming, hugging every and anyone; it's absolutely superb. We've won the Champion's League!

The victory is sullied somewhat by the fact that the Moscow officials felt it necessary to keep us in the stadium for an hour after the game has finished. But we get to the airport, and then Dad jumps on his plane back to London, leaving me to wait 10 hours for my flight back...

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