3 July 2008


So - as you may or may not have guessed - my blog takes it's name from Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw's website. And recently he's completely confounded me - he's a funny guy, and I honestly wish I could be half as funny as he is, but his most recent rant on web comics seems completely out of sorts. Yes, he's taken potshots at everything from the state of the video games industry to Gamespot firing Gerstmann to - indeed - the webcomic industry itself. But to go on a fully-fledged rant about something more or less unrelated to reviewing video games seems wrong somehow. Don't get me wrong, I laughed at the rant and I do agree with some of it (mostly about the whole miscarriage story-line going on at Ctrl+Alt+Del) - but it still left something of a bitter aftertaste. Still, if he can make me laugh even doing something that I don't agree with from a moral stand-point...well, the guy must be doing something right.

Nat's been and gone - that was fun while it lasted. Lots of Wii-age ensued, along with seeing two movies in three days, that rocked. Seeing Jamie was fantastic too - and apparently he's up in Edinburgh indefinitely, so I shall have to see him again!

Getting close to finishing House, and I've got to say it's fantastic. Quite how they made such a likable arsehole, I will never know - but they pulled it off. Can't wait for the finish of season 4 - apparently the end of it is an absoulte doosey.

After that, it's on to Dexter and after that, the X-Files. So that's a lot of watching to do! Woo hoo!

Until next time kiddies...remember to play nice.

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