10 July 2008

Woo for 2AM!

Yup, 2AM, and I should be fucking asleep. Only I'm not. Joy of joys, huh? So might as well regale you lot with some tale of debauchery and heroism. Either that or just ramble about random crap. I like the idea of the latter. I could go into debauchery...but we all know what happens when I do that...so I shan't.Been watching Dexter as of late. It's absolutely superb - I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it as much as I am. It's a perfect mix of the dark, bleak serial killer stuff and police prodedural, with a fantastic dose of pitch black humour. Case in point - Dexter's at an 'Addiction Anonymous' thing, woman standing pouring her heart out about how she needs the drugs, and Dexter's sitting there thinking he needs to sharpen his knives. Genius.

Michael C Hall is perfectly cast - his bluff demeanour fitting the character brilliantly. That and I really do like the development of the character as well - I won't give anything away, but the way it delves into Dexter's psyche is one of the most interesting facets of any TV show I've seen for quite a while now.

Fee's graduating tomorrow - well, later today depending on your definition of tomorrow - and I'm trotting along to the aftermath. Not at all fazed by the fact that I'm not going to the...eh...math, seeing as the damn tickets cost far too many pennies. I kinda object to charging the graduates themselves for heading to their own freaking graduation, so I guess even if I had been invited, I'd've not gone out of principle. Still, apparently I'm to 'keep her sane' whilst her family bicker over vegetarian food. Should be good!

Then it's up to the Cairngorns for a wedding. That's the weekend taken up in its entirity - joy of joys - but at least I get to wear my kilt for it. Haven't worn it to a formal event for absolutely ages, so it'll be fun to look the part for once!

Poked at Raider's for the first time in absolutely ages - wrote a page or so, which was fairly impressive. I think I'm really gearing up for having all of September being a mad rush to get the thing finished - I know exactly where it's going, it's just getting it down on paper (well, digital paper) that's been the problem. So September and some of October off to finish the damn thing. Gotta stop calling it that - it's my book, not some 'damn thing'. Bad Ross, bad!

Right, that's it for tonight. Should probably make another attempt at sleep. Night!

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