15 July 2008

There's a hole in my sock...

And my toes are poking out. Need new ones...

So yeah! Saw Kung Fu Panda - and apparently I liked it. Go figure, huh? You may or may not have noticed the Shrek bashing - and yes, I was really annoyed with the third one. The fact that it warranted enough money to earn a fourth and fifth sequel (all announced at the same time) grinded my gears something rotten. But nothing to be done, really.

Also watched Hancock, and I'd give it 5/10. It was just too schizophrenic for my liking - it was like they took the first half of My Super Ex Girlfriend, injected it with alchohol, then cemented it onto the last half of The Kingdom, then just made all the characters the same. I kinda enjoyed it (3/5 for enjoyment), but it only scores a 'fair' 2/5 for quality of film, mostly down to some great special effects and deccent performances from Will Smith and Jason Bateman.

Wall-E's in the cinema this week! Yay! I absolutely can't wait - that and The Dark Knight may well make this one of the greatest summers for film for quite a while now. I've got it on good faith from a non-reviewer mate who's seen the former that it's absolutely brilliant - completely different from all of their previous fare, and all the better for it. Both have scored 5 stars from Empire, but to be quite honest that hasn't affected my expectations at all. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

That's about it really. My skills are needed elsewhere! Toodles.

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