23 April 2009

Teh Boredness

Just did some bizarre internet quiz. Turns out that the only thing I find more evil than Osama Bin Laden is the Fox executives who cancelled Firefly. Bastards.

Anyhoo…not much going on just the minute. Signed on again today – depressing as usual. Am down to my last £30 in the bank before I have to start digging into my overdraft, which is discouraging. On the plus side, job prospects aplenty, including one that will have me employed until the end of August! Awesomeness!

Been playing a lot of Halo 3. Have been managing to control my temper enough to try to plough my way up to level 45. Currently sitting on 43, which is equal to my highest ever! Huzzah! Although it seems that Bungie fail to take into account games in which half of one team quit, and quite how difficult that situation may become for those on the sharp end of it. But still, I’m slowly digging my way up. Brigadier may soon be mine!

Been looking at the release schedule for the next few months, and the only thing that really catches my eye is…well…nothing. Sims 3 will be fine, but there’s no new ‘next big thing’ if you know what I mean. Batman: Arkham Asylum (which is shaping up to be awesome) is due in June, but between now and then? Nowt…may be time to delve back into the vast catalogue of games I have…

Nothing else to report, really. Haven’t been watching movies lately, so no microreviews. Stargate Atlantis and House are being viewed at present.


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