15 August 2007


Ah-ha! I have caught your attention with the mention of tasty baked goods! But lo, there are none. Yes, I'm a cheating bastard, and I'm sorry...that's just the way it is.

So, I had a great weekend! It was filled with...sport! Bizarre, considering so far I've come off as a technophillic movie geek. But yes, I do enjoy the odd bit of sport. Rugby and football are my viewings of choice, and this weekend I was lucky enough to go see both!

First, on Saturday there was Scotland vs Ireland - just a pre-competition 'friendly'; but still important. I didn't exactly go in with high hopes - the last few times, Ireland have trounced us by huge margins. But if we could do at least a little better than we did those times, I'd be happy. Anyways, we came out and our pack (the forwards, or the big guys who are in most of the scrums, if you're not down with the lingo) looked absolutely huge! But, as is inevitable - size does not equate to winning...-ness, so I held my breath for the first kick.

And we looked really good! Not only that, but we won! 31-21! And all of Ireland's points were scored in a 20 minute period in the second half where we just seemed to lose cohesion (probably due to our scrum half Mike Blair coming off). But we won! I was dead happy!

Next was Man Utd vs Reading - me being a fan of the former. And that was slightly more disappointing. We seem to be unable to beat Reading, regardless of whether it's home or away, or of the state of our injuries etc. This is the only thing I'll ever thank Jose Mourinho for - 'Zey parked ze bus in front of ze goal and throw away ze key'. Every time. It's just a total lack of ambition - and it's representative of the inherent problems with football today. They're forgetting that this is a spectator sport. And if there's a single fan of either team that thought it was anything but boring, I'll find 'em and hit 'em.

Anyways, at least we got a single, solitary Premiership point from it. Certainly better than losing, I suppose.

And that's about it for now. Later, dudes!

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