28 August 2007

Guns...lots of guns...

Dear God, Britain's in a state at the moment, isn't she? I mean, we've had - what? - three killings in the last month? Fuck! We used to be such a friendly country...oh well. At least Big Gordie's being proactive. Unlike the Conservatives, I think this whole 'amnesty that's not an amnesty' is a very fine idea. No, it's not a long-term solution - but in the short term, I reckon it could help out loads. Girlfriends, parents and relatives of these gang-members will hand in the guns, and they'll go back to beating the shit out of each other with good old fists, crowbars and baseballs bats.

I even read a really disturbing interview in the Guardian - it was with a 14-year-old who was a member of a Liverpool gang. And he claimed not only to own a gun - or 'milli' - but to have fired it at someone twice. Also, in a rather amusing quote, he said that 'We don't do robbings. The other gang does robbings. We do graftings. That's stealing cars...' So, what? Stealing cars isn't robbery? Not if he says it's not, apparently. What a muppet!

On to slightly less political musings - sorry about not updating for two weeks. Dropping out of University is a huge hassle, it seems; but then, it had to be done. Anyways, it's all in motion...no alls I gotta do is get a job and get to living! Should be fun!

Seen a few movies, though only two of them are really review worthy, and I may just cook one or two up! So there was The Bourne Ultimatum, Knocked Up, Rush Hour 3, The Simpsons Movie...so yeah, loads. The only one's I'd really think about reviewing are Bourne and Knocked Up. Both were superb, in my honest opinion, though obviously for slightly different reasons.

What else? Oh! Started a new short story that could well pan out to a full length one. It's tentatively called 'Ex Valde Ira' - which is 'Out of Great Anger' in Latin; and it's basically about the end of the humanity (not the world, mind). Some kind of religious and philosophical musings will ensue, certainly; and I'm feeling pretty good about it!

That's it for now. My next post will probably be in a couple of days, and'll probably be a good old fashioned movie-review! So keep them eyes peeled for it!


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