2 August 2007

The Joys of Steam

That's right! I rather like Steam! A lot of people have criticised it for screwing around with Half-Life 2; but doesn't every great idea get a bit of stick at first? I mean, I got in the mood for playing some Counter-Strike: Source, and I scoured the house for my DVD to no avail. Then I read somewhere that - so long as you had registered with Steam (which I had) - you could download any game you had when you registered and install it free of charge.

What a fantastic idea! I was dead chuffed, and have had my bloodlust sated for the week!

Okay, so not every Blog post has to be devoid of shameless advertising - but I've always maintained that digital content delivery is the way forward - it's one of the reasons that the HD media war doesn't interest me too much. And I think Valve are doing a fantastic job in pioneering it for the video game industry!

What else, what else what else?

I like toast! Well, not every thought is a winner. But Scrubs has once again proved to me that it's never going to get old. I just finished watching series' 1-6 on DVD/online, and I have to say I laughed at every joke that I've laughed at in the past. I honestly don't believe there's a better comedy show on TV at the moment. Can't wait for season 7!

I'm also verging on finally getting around to seeing Transformers, and I'm planning on making that my very first blog-review, so keep those peepers peeled for that.

And that's it.

Good eve, all!

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