8 August 2007

Oooooh yeaaaaah!

That's right, two movie reviews within the space of a few days! Unprecedented, isn't it? Well, I'm very proud, as you probably have gathered!

Anyways! I finally got around to purchasing a few DVD's that I've been hankering after. Both the currently released Bourne films - that's The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy, for those living in holes - although those were more for the fact that the final one is a-comin', hitting a cinema near me on the 17th! Can't wait, and my Da actually wants to go see it! Which is cool - I haven't been to the cinema with my Da since...*ponders for a moment*...Lord of the Rings: Return of the King! Bloody hell, that's ages!

So I watched The Bourne Identity this evening, and it was still as entertaining as ever. The car chase with the mini is still as inspired as ever - along with Ready Steady Go by Paul Oakenfold, which is now my ultimate car chase music! Although honestly, when Identity first came out, I was a little unimpressed - I just found it very slow. Then again, I was only 15 at the time, and my tastes have changed rather dramatically since then. Anyways, I enjoyed this sitting of it - so here's to the next one!

Also got around to watching a mini-series called The State Within - with Jason Isaacs as a British ambassador in the US as everything goes to pot. Only half-way through, but it's interesting stuff, and I have to say that this could potentially be the first time I've ever enjoyed a political thriller. Bring on part 2!

My Xbox power supply is still in limbo - Steve knows where it is at the moment; I certainly don't. But they are sending it free of charge - or at least, that's what they told me. So I can hardly blame them for sending it via We Get There In The End Courier Services. Hopefully I should be up and running soon, because I just bought a rather nifty little device - a VGA adaptor (or something like that). Basically, it's cheap HD - allowing you to hook your 360 up to a PC monitor and a set of speakers. So Gears of War in HD, here I come!

And that's about it for now. So, in the words of Captain Caveman:


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