31 March 2008

April! Wait...it isn't that just yet...

Well, here comes April. March was relatively uneventful, it would seem.

Speaking of April - of the O'Neal variety, of course - just finished watching TMNT and it was just as kick-ass as always. I have a weak spot for the pizza guzzling brothers - they were my absolute favourite thing when I was little, and the CGI animation film, whilst not brilliant in and of itself, is still a welcome piece of nostalgia.

Did my first day of work from home today. Got quite a bit done, so it would seem that working at home doesn't actually affect my work ethic. Got a little stuck towards the end of my 'shift' - actually it was about 10 minutes before I was meant to stop working - so I figured that it doesn't really affect me that much in terms of work done. Will get it sorted tomorrow!

That's about it for now.


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Anonymous said...

So do you forgive me for the Leonardo episode, or was it Michaelangelo? tata for now! x