8 March 2008

Sex, Caffeine and Calcutta Cups

So there we go. Scotland, against all odds, defeat England for the Calcutta Cup 2008. Well, the first of the 2008 Calcutta Cups, seeing as there's going to be two this year, mainly thanks to the absence of one last you, which is in turn thanks to the rugby world cup. Joys, eh? Anyways, absolutely brilliant game. Not exactly the prettiest - errors were made on both sides worryingly frequently, and the referee was a pile of ass and bad decisions - but definitely on of the more exciting ones I've seen in my 8 years of going to Murrayfield. Particularly delicious was the fact that Johnny 'I'm the best kicker in the world, honest' Wilkinson managed to miss a kick which Dan 'I can kick, honest' Parks slotted right between the posts. So no, Johnny; you're not the best kicker in the world. That little honour just so happens to be awarded to the smiling mug in the photo above. 30 kicks in a row without missing. Simply put, the man has a magic boot. Chris Paterson, I salute you mate!

Good news too on Wales winning the Triple Crown. Wales are my third choice support of the home nations (it goes Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, if you care), largely due to the fact that one of my best mates is Welsh, and he supports Scotland if Wales aren't playing. So seeing as I'm semi-obliged to support England if they're not playing Scotland, Wales sit pretty at third in my choice list. No offence to Irish people. But I suppose Wales deserved it this time - they just played harder and probably wanted it more. Ireland always seem to stumble in big games anyway, so it was hardly that surprising. So well done Wales!

Been pissing about on a Wii for a while now. Not technically mine, but it's now in my house temporarily attached to my TV and it's cool. Super Mario Galaxy is excellent, and Wii Sports is as frustratingly addictive as ever. Haven't really tried any other games, but what the hey? Was thinking about getting Resident Evil 4 to see what all the fuss is about. Might see if I can score it second hand for cheap!

Not much else been going on, so I shall bid you all adieu. Going to see Jumper tomorrow night, so will post a review of that when one is written. Laters, ladies!

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