11 March 2008

Keeper of the Sanity

Yeah, that's apparently my title. No idea how I got it, but what the hell; might as well run with it.

So yeah! I have a new job! No more washing dishes and gutting shrimps and scrubbing floors for Ross! No, now I shall be working in an office, in front of this very laptop. Entering data into a shopping website. Could be a lot worse, I suppose - it's a job in IT, and the faster you work, the faster you get paid, and let's just say I can work bloody quickly when it comes to computers. £1.25 per thing that I put in, which means in an 8-hour day I have to do about 35 in total per day to be earning minimum wage. Which is by no means impossible. I mean, if I can crack out one every ten minutes, that'd be about 48 a day!

Anyways, I'm rambling about the new job. Saw Jumper on Sunday. Was pretty good, although both Fee and myself had exactly the same reaction come the end... 'is that it?'! 88 minutes, including credits, I found out much to my own chagrin. What's there is good - Hayden Christensen's plankiness aside. Jamie Bell is fantastic support, Sam Jackson a great villain, the special effects really subtly yet effectively applied and above all, the concept is absolutely fantastic. It's such a shame that they chose to go with an ending that sets up a sequel. I'll try and write a proper review on Friday or Sunday, so look out for that.

Just found out that Man Utd bombed out of the FA cup. Bit gutted about that, but we've still got the Premier League and the Champions League as distinct possibilities - I'll never, ever say we're going to win it, because anything can happen in football, as has been demonstrated. So no potential Wembley trips this year, which is a bit of a bummer.

Gotten to a ridiculously frustrating spot in Devil May Cry 4; so that has been abandoned in favour of Call of Duty 4 for the moment. Trying to get all the intel so I have 1000 gamerpoints for it, but it's a bit of a slog; not really feeling up to the challenge. Would probably help if I did it on easy, but that would somehow...lessen, the sense of achievement somewhat.

That's about it really. No pictures today, couldn't be arsed to find the bastards. So you get some rather bland text. Enjoy.

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