1 March 2008

March! The one before May! Or is that April...

Yes, my mind has finally melted. Not sure if I'm truly happy about it, but then there's always the old saying: 'ignorance is bliss'! Just because this isn't self-inflicted or hereditary ignorance, doesn't mean that doesn't apply. Right? Right?!?!? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my unproductive February...two movie reviews is pretty good, regardless of what else I did(n't) post.

Regardless, my brain is indeed a pool of pink mushy stuff, and so this little ditty will probably be far less coherent than normal. Starting with probably a ton of spelling mistakes that I will inevitably forget to change once it has finished pouring out of me.

Saw Cloverfield the other day; was pretty good. Attempted to write a review, but fell asleep and dropped the computer on the floor. Not a good plan. Still, I did enjoy it, and I'd give it about 7 or 8 out of 10, depending on what mood I'm in. Some of the characters were vaguely annoying - especially the guy holding the camera, although his name was ingenious: 'Hud'... - but when the action kicked in, it was a ridiculously tense ride, loads of great moments and an actually quite scary monster. Although I agree with Empire - if they decide to do a true sequel, it'll just degrade the original. But I can see a so-called 'midquel' working quite well; i.e. the same events, but from a different angle. Like...Gods, I can't believe I'm saying this, The Lion King ...

Been spending loads of my free time procrastinating. Actually got some of Raider's done, which made me happy. Fee's been over quite a bit, which has been pretty cool. Been...*ahem*...'forcing' her to expand her movie horizons, which has been vaguely entertaining. Particularly on my shiny new TV, which I adore. Also been playing some CoD4 and Devil May Cry 4, all in 'glorious' HD.

Speaking of Devil May Cry 4; micro review! It's pretty damn good. The graphics are amazing; the combat is easy to get to grips with, but rather tricky to get truly good at; and the cutscenes are brilliantly over-the-top, both in terms of action and melodrama. Some of the boss fights are really interesting too! Although the platforming 'puzzles' - to paraphrase Ben Croshaw - suck a big fat cocksicle. Some of them are just ridiculously unintuitive, and others are so inane that you wonder why they even bothered. What is it, recently, with developers not actually being able to grasp what makes their games fun? Anyways...

That's about it, really. Making money, having fun and generally living it up. Went out on the lash last night with some people from Winter Wonderland; ended up half way down freakin' Leith Walk to have one freakin' drink. Epic. Oh! And we're going to go see Scotland get thrashed by England next weekend! My Dad managed to secure an extra few tickets, so Fee and I are going to trot along and shed tears of despair for the state of our national side. Huzzah!

Well, that's me done for the night. Hope you enjoyed this splurge of randomness. Ta-ta for now!

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