3 June 2008


Well! That was fun, wasn't it? Bit of vaguely interesting, pseuo-journalistic travelogue-ing! Had a great time, as you may or may not be able to glean from my wonderfully written thingy...

Distractions aplenty recently. Work's sucked - I'm just distracted, don't know what it is, but haven't been earning nearly enough money in the last couple of weeks. Still, am going to try and pick it up this week! Putting in random gardening crap is still vaguely entertaining though, although I can see what my boss says about it starting to grate after a while. Not sure when it'll start to truly grate on me, so for the moment will stick with it!

Then, of course, there's Age of Conan. It's pretty fantastically fun; and I must mention that there's decapitation in it! The combat is vaguely refreshing after the usual 'click and wait' style of such games; and it's ridiculously, satisfyingly bloody, which is always good. I've gone a barbarian - because, y'know, I'm boring - and am having fun chopping people up! So yup, that's reccommendable. There're still a fuckload of glitches - as is usual for an MMO that's just started - so will post a proper review of it when it's slightly more stable!

Saw Indy 4, and - unlike half the fucking internet, it seems - I really enjoyed it. Was a little jarring that it took a sci-fi route instead of a pseudo-religious fantasy one - that's not really a spoiler, as it's more or less revealed as such in the opening sequence - but apart from that, it was exactly what I was expecting of a new Indy film; more of the same. It wasn't trying to break any boundaries, it wasn't trying to push the medium of cinema - it was just a good old-fashioned adventure romp. Again, I'll post a proper review of it it at some point - I've been concocting it in my head for a while now, and it should pretty much pop out fully formed once I actually sit down and write the bugger.
Watched series 1-3 of Peep Show. Bit hit and miss in my honest opinion - some of it is outright hilarious, and other parts are utter 'WTF?!!?!' moments. The former outweigh the latter, given; but it was a little jarring just how unfunny some of the not funny parts were. Also, the first person camera angle was a little awkward at times, especially when they were doing the more intimate stuff. Still, overall I enjoyed it, so am going to try and get hold of the rest of it!

As for things I've yet to watch - I've got House series one sitting waiting to be watched! That should be good - I've heard nothing but good things about it from multiple, vaguely trust-worthy sources, so will hopefully watch that over the course of the next week.

Now...I have a cupboard to go hide in. Or not, as the case may be. Kek...

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