12 June 2008

I demand some booze!

Well, I went to the cinema yesterday! Yay! Saw Gone Baby Gone...micro review!

I enjoyed it! It got a little lost in the middle third - lots of story threads thrown up in the air, and only some of them flashed brightly - but the the first and final parts are really quite something. It could've benefited from a tighter edit, but apart from that I've got very little complaints with the story.

Ben Affleck directed it rather well - he really ingrains the viewer into Boston, making us feel like part of the whole debacle. Casey Affleck is once again on the road to proving himself one of the better actors working in Hollywood today, his Patrick Kenzie making a convincing and interesting journey from relatively innocent to hardened PI over the course of the film. But perhaps the best aspect of it was Ed Harris, searing his way through Remy Bressant like Withnail through Monty's cellar.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed it. There are things wrong with it - mainly in the script department - but it shows real promise that Ben Affleck could turn into an absolutely fantastic director. A solid 8/10 from me, methinks.

Not a lot else done. The Incredible Hulk's released today, so I may well go see that tomorrow or saturday, so hopefully will post a review.

That's it!


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