18 June 2008


Okay, so I played the Battlefield: Bad Company demo, and I have one major beef with it...
What the hell happened to good old-fashion controls? Why the hell do people look at something that is perfectly good already, then try and change it and cock the whole bloody thing up?!! Seriously, the controls B:BC are horrendous. Right bumper to change weapon? That's almost as stupid as Frontlines' idea of using the left bumper to reload! I vote for standardisation - the PC has a ridiculously strict set of rules regard key-mapping and FPSs, so why can't consoles have the same?

Saw The Incredible Hulk on Saturday, and that was pretty good - not quite as good as Iron Man, but still solidly entertaining. Will try and post a proper review at some point, though that's not likely to happen in the next week - lots of stuff to do at work, and am also trying to save some creative energy to take a crack at my novel at the weekend. But still, it should see the light of day at some point.

Went down to London to see my Dad on Sunday - organised by my step-mum, which was in turns unexpected and pretty fucking sweet. Was good to get the family back together - my step-mum and sister were there too - and we had a pretty good meal, despite an annoying waiter and a general veneer of shittiness in the restaurant.

Then there's the whole Call of Duty: World at War brouhaha, and am generally not that impressed with it. Yes, the graphics are lovely, and yes it'll probably retain the series' high standard of gameplay and impressive set pieces...but Infinity Ward worked hard to not only wrench the CoD series out of the World Wars, but also to make an absolutely astonishingly good game. So the fact that Treyarch see fit to piss all over that by going right back to where the series came from with the fifth major outing of the series.

So yeah, that's that. Nowt else really. So I shall sign off!

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