23 June 2008

Rolling Through the Minutes

Ugh, I need a new game! Something! Anything!

Age of Conan...well, it's good, but like all MMO's, I'm starting to tire of it. And the problem is that, unlike WoW, you're character doesn't look more and more impressive as you progress through the levels. I saw a level 80 who looked just like the level 37 who was stood right night to him. Yes, some of the effects look amazing when you get to high levels, but the combat classes just don't have anything to give us real incentive to pursue those higher levels. Yes, fatalities are awesome, but there's only so many times chopping someone's head off can be amusing before it gets stale.

Call of Duty is beginning to get old as well. I'd like to see another map pack, or even a weapon pack - in fact, go with that! A weapon pack would be frickin' sweet if they could pull it off. Maybe two new weapons into each class! Ooooh, I like that idea!

GTAIV...well, it's problematic. I loved the game, but there's simply nothing to entice me back to it. The multiplayer gets old very quickly, and there's no real replay value. Yes, the sandbox mode is designed for replayability, but IV doesn't have the pick up and play factor that San Andreas had. Plus the wanted level system makes it impossible to have really long, drawn out chases, because once you hit 4 stars, you're absolutely fucked - and getting to six is nigh on impossibe! But I may have a crack at it in future.

Considered having another plough through Mass Effect, but if I did do that, I'd want to play Bring Down the Sky, and I cannae afford it. Same with Super Smash Bros, which finally sees it's release here in the UK and EU on Friday. Fuck's sake - the game that I've pretty much been waiting for to sway me onto the Wii, and not only does it turn up when I've got a Wii in easy access, but I can't buy the bloody thing. And knowing Nintendo, they'll probably not manufacture enough copies, meaning no-one will be able to get their hands on a copy for weeks and weeks. Dammit all!

Other things are going well, though - work's definitely picked up, and I can see myself ploughing through it until August rolls around. Then it's festival time, and that - according to my budget, at least - will be nothing short of a godsend when it comes to money. Then September is being taken off to write my damn novel (and go see some family and friends in England, woo!), then I need to either find another job, or get back to data entry until December, when it's festival time again!

That's about it really - a rant on the economy, thinly veiled as generally complaining about a lack of video games. Sly eh?

Bye for now, ladies! (And you gents, too...)

1 comment:

Nat said...

Damn your lack of game availability! :D

Have to agree though, AoC is getting a tad stale, which is a shame. WoW was more fun I found, as heretic as I feel saying that.

Nevertheless! Onward and upward!