17 January 2009

Nearly a year older...

Yes, I am 22 tomorrow. Depressing isn't it. I don't particularly want to feel older given the fact that I didn't get my contract renewed by the fucking cinema. Jerks. Regardless! I shall soldier on, and with the distinct possibility of a rather new and shiny computer on the horizon, I think that may be the best course of action.

INdeed I lost my job. Apparently the cinema 'didn't do enough business over Christmas to justify the permanent hiring on of more than two of the temps', and I apparently wasn't among the best. But considering that I personally on one day took enough to pay my own wages for 3 months, I find this excuse highly suspect. Maybe they didn't like that the cash office seemed to constantly make mistakes when they cashed me up (two 'recorded conversations' because of that which were swiftly stricken from my record). Maybe they didn't like that I took a week's holiday during the time that they didn't do enoough business for. I don't know, but it's fucking annoying to say the least. At least I've got experience working in a cinema, which means I can go back to working in one. Not Cineworld though...

Not Cineworld because the fucking jerks were so unsubtle as to the fact that I was losing my job. Contract ended officially today, and I didn't have any work from Tuesday, and only had 12 hours of work. That coupled with the fact that they refused to tell me whether or not I still had my job until the end of my shift - clearly they were firing me because they thought I was stupid as well as whatever else there was. But I did predict it exactly, and even phoned up someone to tell them that I was concerned that I might be losing my job. But anyways...it's the Vue for me once again; am never going anywhere else.

But yes, officially I'm a victim of the credit crunch. Unofficial, people think I'm not clever enough to work in a cinema. Oh well. Life could be worse.

Will post more news about the new PC if/when I get the info on it. Definitely looking forward to finding out about it!!!

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