7 January 2009

To the cinema, Jeeves!

Watching The Dark Knight. It's awesome. Makes me really want to see it again in the cinema, though - it is a movie that deserves full hi-def picture and sound. But anyways...I'm going to see Australia tomorrow in said film-viewing-place. Should be good, I hope.

First day back working at the cinema today. Forgot lots of people's name, which was annoying - but beyond that, everything went swimmingly. My brain just isn't in a mode to be working there just yet...hopefully it'll reach it on Thursday when I'm next in. But for now...

That's pretty much it. I've got a 'rant/insight' into downloadable content brewing...maybe I'll write it up, maybe I won't. Should probably focus my creative energy on the novel...anyways, have a day, everyone.

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