8 January 2009

Shit! Boomer!

Yes, I have Left 4 Dead. And it is wicked. Although I'm still doubtful as to Half-Life 2's 'BEST GAME EVARRRR!!!!1111' tag, I do have to admit that Valve are impressing me as of late. Portal was absolutely fantastic if a bit short, Counter-Strike: Source is still going strong, and now Left 4 Dead has just segued it's way onto my 'Currently Playing' list. It's fantastically designed, with wonderfully smooth gameplay and it's genuinely entertaining, despite the limited amount of content. It's also perfectly placed for some downloadable conent, whether it be new campaigns, new enemies or new weapons. So not only is it already a great game, but it's got huge expansion potential, which - for me - is nothing but a good thing!

Bought The Orange Box as well, so have been perusing through Portal. Will eventually hop on the Team Fortress 2 band wagon awhile, but only after I've ploughed through the whole of Half Life 2. A replay of Prince of Persia looks to be necessary too...that games was short but sweet. There's an achievement that you get for completing the game in under 12 hours, and I got it without even trying! But would like to go back and whore all of the light seed achievements. Fun times.

Saw Australia as I thought I would, and it's interesting how immune to criticism it is. For ever script clunk, there's a touching moment or two, for every piece of hokey support acting, there's two fantastic leading turns from Kidman and Jackman. Baz Luhrmann's work seems to thrive on this phenomenon...intriguing, no? Anyways: imagine Pearl Harbour, Titanic and any epic Western you may care to think of smashed together, and you've pretty much got Australia. It's long, it's slightly bloated, and yet I couldn't help but like it. It's charming, it's got charismatic leads, a decent sense of humour and some epic action sequences. All-in-all, good film.

That's it for now...still brewing that insight into downloadable content, and this post'll probably serve as good a segue into that as any. But until then...tata!

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